1044-Alfa Wedges (12mm) – PTM



PTM genuine v-nails are all 11.0mm wide and in 5 lengths. They fit all U-Series, Minigraf and AMP underpinners (joiners). They are easily identified by the Clear bonding gel. Ideal for most wood & polymer mouldings.

1044  PTM Normal: 12mm, box of 3000

The unique PTM Power Twist v-nail format was designed by Alfamacchine engineers. The patented tapered shape draws the mouldings tightly together. Made in their factory in Italy from high quality carbon steel. PTM Normal are bonded with Clear gel into sticks of approx. 200 for easy handling.

An occasional operator error is to put v-nails in upside down. One face is silver – the blunt face. The other face is dark – that is the sharp face. Insert – silver face down, dark face up.


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