2344-HGP 360 Hot Press Machine



A Hot Glass Press is a profit making machine in any framing workshop.

• Dry Mount onto card, MDF, foam centre board and fomex – eliminates wrinkling
• Over-Laminate to protect
• Canvas bond photos, posters and prints
• Texturise surfaces of any mounted item
• Block and plaque mounting

The HGP is unique in its ability to handle a wide range of materials, of varying thicknesses – even at the same time. Use mountboard, hardboard, MDF, foam centred board, aluminium, even glass, as substrates.
Mount photos, posters prints, fabrics, canvas and almost anything else (but do take care in case the heat might affect some colour ranges of ink).

Hot Glass Press offers many benefits:

• an under-surface which is completely flat and smooth
• mis-alignments and fold backs are easily spotted and corrected
• stray adhesive readily seen and cleaned off the under-surface

The critical flexible pressure blanket has a special textured surface to spread the vacuum. The quiet vacuum pump supplied with the press is fast acting and reliable.

For maximum productivity in your workshop, try to allow a preparation area to one side at least as large as the press itself.
Use also to cool mount posters and similar with Bienfang VacuGlue 300.


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